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About us two

Sometimes it's simple and the idea, concept and name can be quickly agreed upon. It doesn't have to be difficult. That's how EASI was born, our names, sisters and the fact that together we are already pretty international. After all…

Astrid is the oldest, lives in Switzerland with her husband Alex and two adolescent sons Mark and Timo. A true entrepreneur; she has had her own store with children's and women's fashion and is currently an agent in Switzerland for various Dutch fashion brands. Always trying to improve and come up with new ideas. And that can go fast! This is how EASI came into being.

Esther, living in Den Bosch with her boyfriend Camille and son Lou. She has been working as a manager in the B2B sector for years. Work where she can use her creativity, conceptually, because that gives energy. But also building business relationships, open and approachable. Always short of time... So my sister says: take it EASI!

Enjoy it, feel the summervibes & be beautiful. We look forward to your response.


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